Breki Tomasson

CEO of The Gl0d Group

I'm Breki Tomasson

MBTI defines me as an ENTP, and the Enneagram Tritypes would have me as a 379. To some of you, that means a lot, to others it’s just a random sequence of characters and numbers with no scientific basis.

I believe in improvement, often simply for improvement's sake. I created the first version of this website to chronicle my own research, experiments and discoveries in fields of every-day efficiency enhancement - everything from brainstorming tools to tips on how to fall asleep easier or how to better lose fat and gain muscle. Since then, I've found myself too busy to be able to maintain the weblog that once existed right here.

I do regular podcasts over at CSICON, a podcasting network that I co-founded with Petter Mårtensson. I still write a lot, but most of it is not for public consumption. Every now and again, something lands on my Medium page, however.